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Back by popular demand - Mystery Boxes in 2 sizes!!! Since SugarKitty retired from vending in 2019, these boxes will be extra special, containing all sorts of brand new vending merch! CLICK HERE TO GET YOURS!

Each box is a little different - containing a mix of handmade and non-handmade items, with a retail value of at least DOUBLE the sale price ($25 box = $50+ of merch, and so on)! Since the boxes are packed based on retail cost of items, there is no set number of items that are included. There is a minimum of 8-10 items, but usually several more!

NEW FOR 2019 - 7 of the boxes [chosen at random] will include GIFT CERTIFICATES! 

  • 4 - $25 Gift Certificates (available only in $25 boxes)
  • 2 - $50 Gift Certificates (available only in $50 boxes)
  • 1 - $100 Gift Certificate (available only in $50 boxes)
  • BONUS - 10 Random Coupon Codes (evenly distributed between $25 & $50 boxes)

✚✚✚✚ THE FINE PRINT ✚✚✚✚

  • A fun mix of handmade & non-handmade items, which may or may not include items that are samples, discontinued stock, or something not offered in my online stores.
  • Examples of possible items: necklaces, earrings, rings, hair flowers, eyelashes, removable garters, enamel pins, brooches, samples (pasties, clothing, etc).
  • All items are unused/unworn and in new condition.
  • Large Mystery Boxes may include clothing items This is NOT a guarantee; contents will be based on availability of stock!
    • All sales are final; no returns, refunds or exchanges.
    • No two boxes are identical, they will contain similar items.Meaning, if you buy two boxes, you may find similar items in each box, but not always
    • No special requests.
    • There's no purchase limit - order as many as you like (up to quantity available!
    • Contents are geared towards ladies/women, and are recommended for late teens - adults. They aren't intended for children.
    • Redeemable only at
    • Gift Certificates will be valid Jan 1, 2020 - May 31, 2020.
    • Valid towards the purchase of current stock/inventory (CANNOT BE USED TOWARDS THE PURCHASE OF ANY CUSTOM DESIGN ITEM)!
    • Cannot be combined with any other discount code (discounts cannot be stacked).
    • Each code is unique and can only be used once. Entire gift certificate must be used with a single purchase. No exceptions.

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