Custom Orders Closing 12/24 - 1/14

Shannon Mingus

2019 has been a dumpster fire of a year, for so many reasons. I've started making some changes (many of which can be read about HERE), and plan to make more still. However, I have not had a real break or time off since my last elbow surgery 2 years ago. Before those surgeries forced me to take time off, I couldn't tell you the last time I had a break! 

So, before I lose my marbles entirely, I'm forcing myself to take some time off at the end of this year/beginning of next. Custom orders of any kind (existing pastie designs, one-off pastie designs, rhinestone hair clips, etc) will be closed from 12/24/2019 until at least 1/14/2020. All pre-made and ready to ship items will still be available for purchase! 

During my time off, I'll be focusing on editing and posting photos, listing new pastie designs, general web updates, as well as working on other projects that require more attention than I'm currently able to devote to them. Right now, my workload allows me to work on pasties and nothing else. While this isn't a bad problem to have, I really REALLY need a break and some time to get caught up on other things. 

Please make sure all of your orders are in by Dec. 23, and with the understanding that orders will not be shipping until late January. As always, thank you all for your continued understanding and support! 



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