Major Changes for 2021

Shannon Mingus

I've spoken about cutting back from SugarKitty in previous blog and social media posts. As we all know, 2020 came and dumpster fired all over all of us, permanently derailing and changing so many of our plans. Personally, I spent the majority of the time hanging on for dear life (financially speaking), and doing whatever it took to keep a roof over my head. 

Sadly, it seems that 2021 isn't shaping up to be much better. Supply chains are still disrupted, international shipping is unpredictable at best. Half a dozen of my international rhinestone suppliers have gone belly up. The only domestic supplier I had no longer carries the rhinestones I use. Those suppliers still left standing have raised prices. My operating costs have doubled. Most of my clients are still not performing (and therefore not buying). The arthritis in my neck and hands is not getting better, nor will it ever. Setting thousands and thousands of rhinestones has taken it's toll. There are many other factors involved in this decision as well, but this post is already heading towards TLDR. 

Custom Pasties & Assels will still be available, but under a different model. I will be switching from an open-ended production model to Limited Edition. All pasties & assels will be listed with a set inventory for each size. Once all options are sold out, the style will be retired and no more will be made. Such a change allows me to gradually phase out this era of SugarKitty without being overwhelmed by last minute orders. In the mean time, I will be continuing to develop and make new products. 

This does not apply to Pastie/Assel Blanks. There is no plan to discontinue blanks at this time, and they will retain full availability.

As always, thank you all for your continued understanding and support! 



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