DIY pastie blanks


NOW BY POPULAR DEMAND! Our DiY blank nipple & assel pastie bases are perfect for the performer on a budget who still wants quality costume pieces!Our 3D printed bases are thin (about 1mm), lightweight and are extremely sturdy. They are also waterproof, can be used with any adhesive, and intended to last you for many years. You can paint them, add rhinestones, beads, sequins, glitter, you name it! They are available in many colors, and with or without tassel swivels.Best of all, they are shaped with SugarKitty's signature gently curving contour. They're low-profile; designed to hug your shape, while easily concealed under your costume. No pointed nips here! Assels are created the same way, only with a more shallow curve for maximum cheek adherence!

PLEASE NOTE - there is no CLEAR filament! Check out our Translucent Bases for NATURAL (which is the closest available option)!

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