If I make an error or otherwise displease a customer, I do everything in my power to make it right for them. So, when I receive Etsy feedback like this, I find it very disheartening and discouraging. I'm not concerned with the number of stars, so much as the content of her message.

This person is not only stealing, but is also outright lying in order to make me look bad. Etsy does little or nothing to help sellers in cases like this, which puts me out time & money with no recourse. The one thing I can do is tell the truth, so here it is!



● On Saturday, Jan. 20, the buyer emailed around 1pm to notify me of an error I'd made with her order. The mistake was legitimate; I forgot to include tassels. However, I missed the tassels because she failed to follow ordering instructions, and did not include her tassel color choice as very clearly stated in the item listing. 

Excerpt from item listing.

Screenshot of order as I received it.


● When I failed to respond to her within 8 minutes (I did not see her messages until around 5pm), she sent a series of emails back-to-back.They were bordering on hostile, as if I were intentionally ignoring her. 

One thread of hostile emails.


● As soon as I did see her messages, I responded immediately, with profuse apologies. I was nothing but professional, polite, and accommodating.

My response, which is polite and professional.


● As promised, I immediately remade her order with tassels. I shipped the replacements out first thing Monday morning, via Express Mail, and they arrived to her Tuesday morning. She had to wait from approximately 5pm on Saturday, Jan. 20 until 10:53am on Tuesday, Jan.23. It was not humanly possible to make and ship the corrected order any faster than I did, and it still arrived 3 WEEKS before Valentine's Day!


● And lastly, she is correct that I included a handwritten note asking her to return the incorrect pair. HOWEVER, the note was not in any way rude or demanding; it simply included a request and instructions for the return. Oh, and a VERY key point she fails to mention is that I also included a self-addressed POSTAGE PAID mailing envelope for the return. All she had to do was slip the return inside the envelope and put it in her mailbox. No driving, no extra time or money spent on her part, no inconvenience to her whatsoever. I never agreed to let her keep the original pasties; she is a liar and a thief. You don't get to decide to keep something you didn't pay because you were inconvenienced by an added 2.5 day wait.

Etsy will do nothing to help me recoup my loss, so I'm out a brand new $60 item that I could've easily resold. Etsy does not allow sellers to leave feedback for buyers, so I cannot warn other sellers about her behavior. Below is a copy of the return label receipt. It was printed 3 minutes after her Express Mail label, and is clearly self-addressed.


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