Jumbo Poinsettia Rhinestone Hair Clip Fascinator

$ 21.00
Jumbo Poinsettia Rhinestone Hair Clip Fascinator

This festive hair accessory is made with a HUGE red poinsettia blossom embellished  with various items, such as pine cones, berries, branches, etc. Affixes to hair with an alligator clip. Due to it's size, this clip is rather heavy. It would work best in thick hair, or accenting a bun (or other hair style where it won't slide out). 

Sorry, we're currently not accepting custom orders for this item.

Ships in 1-2 business days. ✪

THIS ITEM IS READY-TO-WEAR AND SHIPS IN 1-2 BUSINESS DAYS! This is a limited edition item, so when they're gone - they're gone! Sorry, but we're currently unable to accept custom orders for this item.



All SugarKitty pasties are handcrafted, one at a time. They're cut and molded to customer specifications, and either painted, covered with fabric, or encrusted with high quality DMC rhinestones and embellished with chainette tassels. We include a few self-adhesive tape strips with each set of pasties to get you started, along with a complete set of comprehensive wearing and care instructions. 

No two pairs of pasties will be identical. There are minor variants in every pair, due to composition of materials, tiny flaws and size variations in rhinestones, among other factors. As well, size factors into the number of rhinestones each pair of pasties will have; obviously XXS pasties will have far fewer than size XXL.

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